Top 5: Madrid museums

Top 5 madrid


Whether you are planning to come and study Spanish in Madrid, or you are already living in the Spanish capital, you should know that this city offers many cultural options for you to enjoy. Madrid is home to some of the most important art and history collections in the world! Today, we recommend you some of the most relevant museums in the city.

Museo del Prado

The Museo del Prado holds the most complete collection of Spanish art in the world. It is famous for its wonderful collection of Goya (“Los fusilamientos del 3 de mayo”), Velázquez (“Las Meninas”) as well as many other paintings and sculptures by influential artists. It houses one of the world’s finest collections of European art which at the moment adds up to around 8600 paintings and 700 sculptures. Well worth a visit.

Visit it for free Monday – saturday between 6pm and 8pm.

Study Spanish in Madrid

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

A museum of contemporary Spanish and international art dating from the end of the 19th century to current times. It is famous for the painting “Guernica” by Picasso, in addition to a number of works from Dalí, Juan Gris, and Miró.

Visit it for free Mondays and from Wednesdays to Saturdays between 7pm and 9 pm. On Sundays from 1.30pm to 2.15 pm.

Museo Thyssen

A museum of both ancient and modern art dating from the Middle Ages all the way through to Pop Art from the 1980’s! It boasts a wide variety of styles: Italian primitive, German Renaissance, American painting from the 19th century, impressionism, German expressionism, Russian constructivism and many more!

Visit it for free on Mondays between 12pm and 4 pm.

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Learn about objects and artifacts that have come from different Spanish towns as well as from Mediterranean countries. These artifacts date back to ancient times and with help from rigorous, attractive, interesting and critical information, you can learn about the meaning behind them all. It is a great way to learn and understand more about the rich history of Spain and the Mediterranean.

Visit it for free on Saturdays from 2pm and Sunday mornings.

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales

A perfect museum for kids as well as adults that proudly demonstrates the world’s natural heritage with a huge collection of specimens. Here are just a few examples: minerals, seaweeds, plants, animals as well as utensils and weapons from a number of different cultures and times. There are more than 6 million specimens in the museum!

Top 5 Madrid museums


We hope that you find these options attractive for your stay in a city that never gets tired of offering all kinds of plans. So if you want to study Spanish in Madrid, don’t hesitate to explore its amazing museums. A piece of advice: don’t be shy and talk with the locals, it’s the best way to practice what you learn in your Spanish lessons at Velazquez School.




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