Spanish courses for foreigners

VELAZQUEZ ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS offers Spanish courses for students and international residents in Madrid.

The educational value of Velázquez Español para Extranjeros is derived from our Spanish courses that are based off the levels of proficiency established by the Common European Framework for Languages, aimed at:

  • Students and professionals residing in Madrid. We offer high-quality teaching at competitive prices with the option of DELE exam preparation.
  • Visitors and tourists in Madrid for a short stay. Velázquez Spanish for Foreigners is a site you can trust; we have everything you need to learn Spanish while enjoying Madrid.

Spanish courses at Velázquez School

  • Morning and afternoon schedules.
  • Levels from A1 to C2 (Common European Framework).
  • Courses from 1 month, quarter or academic programs by levels.
  • DELE – Preparations for any of the 5 yearly DELE exam cycles.
  • Enrolment to the course every Monday
  • Teaching staff composed of native speakers accredited in the teaching of Spanish.
  • Small groups with a maximum of 8 students per class
  • Option of individual classes adapted to your needs

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Intensive Spanish course

4 classes a day (50 minutes each class), 20 classes a week, Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon.

Semi intensive Spanish course

50 minutes each class, 10 classes a week.

Private Spanish classes

50 minutes per class if they take place in the center, 60 minutes if they are outside the center, being able to choose how many classes you want per week.

DELE Preparation Course

50 minute classes focused on learning the techniques to pass the official DELE exam tests.

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