Spanish Programs

Spanish Programs, get the level you want.

How to learn Spanish? Velázquez Spanish for Foreigners offers the option of studying Spanish through its «Spanish Programs».

What are the Spanish Academic Programs?

Our Spanish programs consist of learning activities in which the following are clearly outlined:

  • The content
  • The development of teaching
  • The intended objectives

Progression is based on the guidelines established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Each program follows a common methodology, with differing lengths (between 80 and 200 hours) depending on desired language level.


These are academic programs for the acquisition of Spanish language skills. The Spanish allow the development of competency in all areas of the Spanish language: reading and listening comprehension, written and oral expression. Spanish students will be able to expand their vocabulary and consolidate their knowledge through a grammatical base of the language.

Who are the programs for ?

  • Professionals and international students who want to learn step by step, by passing each language level individually, based on a specific duration of time.
  • Spanish students that prefer to learn progressively over time, passing each language level as they go. In contrast with our intensive courses.
  • Companies and institutions that want to improve the professional qualification of their staff with programs adapted to their needs.

What can you get with the Spanish programs?

Check the Spanish programs by language level on our site to find out which general and specific objectives each one refers to along with the type of content each one covers.

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