Spanish Programs

Spanish Programs, get the level you want.

How to learn Spanish? Velázquez Spanish for Foreigners offers the option of studying Spanish through its «Spanish Programs».

What are the Spanish Academic Programs?

The Spanish programs are training activities in which are predefined:

  • The contents that are taught.
  • The way in which the teaching activity will be developed.
  • The objectives to achieve.

The progression is based on the establishment of guidelines to achieve the different levels of Spanish established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


With a duration between 80 and 200 hours depending on the level, each program follows a common methodology for its correct follow-up.


These are academic programs for the acquisition of Spanish language skills. The Spanish programs allow to develop all the competence of the Spanish language: reading and listening comprehension, written and oral expression. Spanish students will be able to expand their vocabulary and consolidate their knowledge through a grammatical base of the language.

Who are the programs for ?

  • Professionals and international students who want to learn step by step, passing level based on a specific duration.
  • Spanish students who prefer a progressive learning over time to pass levels, unlike intensive courses.
  • Companies and institutions that want to improve the professional qualification of their staff with programs adapted to their needs.

What can you get with the Spanish programs?

Check the Spanish programs by levels to know what general objective you can meet, the specific objectives in the language skills and the contents that you will be dealing with for each program.