Madrid – Pride 2021: A city’s identity built on diversity

Each year, the month of June is marked by a worldwide event of great cultural, political, and social significance. Indeed, this week, from June 28th to July 4th, hundreds of thousands of people will march through the streets of Madrid, supporting the LGBTQIA+ identity-claim and affirmation. Madrid (and Spain in general) is one of the most appreciated iconic and gay-friendly destinations in the world during the Pride. As a matter of fact, Spain was one of the first countries to have legalized gay-marriage, in 2005.

Motivated by deeply held values of liberty, social equality and integrity, and willingness of normalization and recognition, the LGBTQIA+ communities will march through the streets of Madrid, waving banners and carrying proudly the colourful flag of diversity.


“LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS NO SE NEGOCIAN, SE LEGISLAN: LEY INTEGRAL TRANS YA” is the official Pride slogan 2021, in favour of the rights of transgender people.

The Pride Parade, major event that has gathered no less than 400,000 participants in 2019 in the streets of Madrid, will take place this year on Saturday July 3rd with some restrictions due to the current health situation. Starting from Plaza Del Emperador Carlos V to Plaza de Colón, the march promises however to be as intense and festive as the previous years, animated by dance, music, laughs, but also by support, passion and by the joy of celebrating.


In this respect, it could be useful and relevant to learn some vocabulary about the Pride and about protest events in general:

-the Pride = el Orgullo

-a protest/demonstration = una protesta / una manifestación

-to demonstrate = manifestar

-to claim = reclamar / reivindicar

-the demonstrator = el/la manifestante

-people’s rights = los derechos de la gente

-the law = la ley

-to wave placards and banners =  Enarbolar pancartas

-a parade = un desfile

-a complaint = una reclamación

-to raise awareness = concienciar


You can find all the information about the week to come and the program of the Madrid’s Pride here.


“I want to do the right thing and not hide anymore. I want to march for tolerance, acceptance and understanding. I want to take a stand and say, ‘Me, too.’” — Jason Collins


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