Hi guys! How are you?

My name is Anna, I’m from Italy, and today I want to share with you my experience sharing an apartment with other spanish students for a year.

Let’s start from the beginning… Why did I decide to live in a shared apartment?

The answer is simple: I pictured myself having dinner with my flatmates, watching sports games in the living room, celebrating special occasions together and things like that. I always thought that an experience of living with international people would have been very enriching from a personal point of view because it allows you to learn to follow the rules of living together, to open your mind and to improve your social relations.

That is exactly what happened.

When I arrived in Madrid to study Spanish I did not know anyone. It was the first time I was alone in such a big city and I was a bit worried about not having friends.

I decided to stay in a shared apartment with other students and I immediately understood that I had made the best decision.

There are lots of accommodation options in the city, such as Student Accommodation in Madrid. I found mine on AIL Madrid‘s student accommodation page. After looking at many options, factors such as good reviews and the location of the apartments helped me decide.

In my apartment there were four of us: two girls and two boys from different parts of the world. Fortunately, we got along well from the first day and learning to live with them has been so easy. Everyone wanted to learn Spanish, meet people, make new friends and have fun experiences.

Talking to each other helped me a lot to improve my Spanish. Also, if you practice while having fun, you learn much faster!

One thing I noticed was that in a very short time I became more mature and responsible. I learned to take care of my things, to cook for myself, to do my own laundry, to keep my private and shared spaces tidy.

In my apartment the bills (which usually include gas, electricity, water, WIFI and a landline phone) were included, but many times you must share them with roommates and this is definitely an advantage, especially when you are young and don’t have a lot of money to live in big cities where the cost of living is a bit higher than in other places. AIL Madrid accommodations also include towels, sheets, basic cleaning products, and a weekly cleaning service in the shared living spaces.

As I said before, living in a shared apartment is much more than saving money: it teaches you to respect the other, to know other points of view, to understand that we are all different and live in different ways and, last but not least, it allows you to make new friends, speak other languages and have fun!

I hope this article has helped you and good luck!


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