Learn to speak spanish is a great decision

learn to speak spanish

If you don’t speak spanish, you definetelly should do it!We`ve the reasons to learn spanish and we’re going to tell you in this post. Besides, the benefits of learning a language are huge, and in the case of spanish are even more. Learn to speak spanish is a great decision, do you want to know what the reasons are? Join us!

Advantages of learning spanish

Reason 1: it’s one of the most important language in the world. According to the Instituto Cervantes, there are about 560 million Spanish speakers on the planet; In the US, more than 40 million native Spanish speakers.

Reason 2: Spanish is a Latin language. More tan 30% of its vocabulary comes from Latin so it’s easy to learn for English speakers.

Reason 3: Learn to speak spanish helps your professional career.  If you speak Spanish, you could work in many different countries. In Spain and also in South America.

Reason 4: If you love Spain and want to life there, you need spanish to work in any place.

Reason 5: Just for travelling pourpose. You need speak the idiom for communicate with native people.

Reason 6: You can enjoy amazing books and movies in Spanish. Spain has a lot of important writers so, if you want to read classic books in Spanish, you need to learn the language.

Reason 7: Make new friends and know about different cultures. People in Spain are very kind. You can meet a lot of people and make true friendships.


How can I learn spanish?

You can learn spanish in Madrid in Velazquez School. In our school, you can immerse yourself in the language as soon as possible. Choose the better course for you and being surrounded by native speaker. Also, if you need it, you can study for pass DELE exam, you will need it yo get Spanish nationality.


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