Learn spanish: spanish vocabulary for Erasmus

Hello everyone, today we are going to give you some tips to learn spanish vocabulary for Erasmus student. Spain remains top choice for Erasmus students, the weather and the social life are the main attraction for our country. If you are an erasmus student in our country, you should read this article with tips to learn spanish vocabulary.

Learn spanish in Madrid

Madrid is the favorite spanish city for Erasmus. Also, in Spain there are other student cities like Granada, Málaga, Salamanca o Barcelona where many Erasmus come to study for a year. In any of these cities, the diversity and quality of culture offer is very widely: theaters, museums, monuments and also pubs and discos. The educational offer is very good as well, and the reasonable prices and the amazing weather, make Madrid the best option for international students.

Spanish vocabulary for Erasmus

That is the essencial spanish vocabulary you will need:

Travel arround Spain: 

Gafas de sol: Sunglasses

Billetes de tren, billetes de avión, billetes de autobus: train/plane/bus tickets

Traje de baño: swimsuit

Equipaje: luggage

Vacaciones: holidays

Protector solar: sun protect

Música: Music

Salir de fiesta: to go out

Bañarse en la paya: swimming on the beach


Study vocabulary:

Estudiar: to study

Repasar: To revise

Clase: Class

Asignatura optativa: optional subject

Aprobar un examen: to pass an examen

Suspender: to suspend

Trabajo en equipo: group subject


Living in Madrid

Compañero de piso: Flatmate

Alquilar: To rent

Transporte público: Public transport

Barrio: Neigbourhood

Pagar las facturas: To pay the bills

Contraseña wifi: WIFI password

Quiero pedir una pizza: I want to order a pizza

No tengo pasta: I’m broke


The best way to learn spanish in Madrid

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